Tuongrattanapan Suwannee

Department of Family and Community Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Surgical Uprighting of Bilateral Impacted Mandibular Second Molars: A Case Report

Funsai Anutida, Tuongrattanapan Suwannee, Aschaitrakool Yuthakran, Pattanawanitchai Siriporn

Vinegar Containing Dietary Supplement and Dental Erosion: A Case Report

Chaiyasith Methinee , Pitiwan Treephop , Tuongrattanapan Suwannee

Prevalence of Dental Erosion and Consumption Behavior toward Acidic Food and Beverage in Patients of Comprehensive Dental Clinic, Chiang Mai University

Rattinthiwanon Kampol , Tuongrattanapan Suwannee, Toungratanaphan Songvuth

Oral Self-care of Muslim Primary Caregivers and Care of Their Children’s Oral Health Aged 3-5 Years Old in a Muslim Community, Trang Province

Subkamondit Thicharat, Tuongrattanapan Suwannee, Chaiprasitti Sasitorn, Toungratanaphan Songvuth