dental implant

An 8- Year Survival Rate of Implant- Retained Mandibular Overdenture from the Royal Dental Implant Project

Ritvirool Chartaya

Factors Affecting to Bone Remodeling and Loading Protocol of Dental Implant

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Apparent Modulus of Honeycomb Structure: A Guideline for Porous Structure Implant Design

Sanpanyawai Pornpon, Inglam Samroeng, Chantarapanich Nattapon, Poomparnich Kopchai

Color Formation on Titanium Surface Treated by Anodization and the Surface Characteristics: A Review

Vattanasup Chayanis, Kuntiyaratana Tachakorn, Rungsiyakull Pimduen, Chaijareenont Pisaisit

Clinical results of implant treatment in a Center of Excellence for Implantology Clinic: A retrospective clinical study

Weerapong Kritsada, Chantaramungkorn Montri , Reichart Peter A, Khongkhunthian Pathawee