About The Journal

Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Dentistry publishes academic research articles in the newly titled - Oral Sciences Reports, which was previously known as Chiang Mai Dental Journal (CMDJ). The journal was originally established for the purposes of publishing academic research articles by the Faculty of Dentistry at Chiang Mai University in 1977. In the current report, editors and experts in their respective fields review articles received from authors prior to being published to ensure that the content of all articles is up-to-date, universal, logical, and in accordance with academic principles so the reader can apply knowledge and cite works in the development of dentistry for the purposes of advancing future research while being beneficial to patients and society. The Journal is scheduled to be published three times a year, January-April, May-August, and September-December.

The current web-based adaptation of the journal begins in 44 volume, issue 3, where the outdated CMDJ culminated. Oral Sciences Reports openly receives all submissions through an online journal review process system. The new online system also allows reviewers and researchers the ability to read all current and past published articles.

ISSN : 3027-6411 (Online)