Vol.43 No.2 May-August 2022

The Effect of Preoperative Oral Carbohydrate Loading on Postoperative Insulin Resistance and Recovery Following Orthognathic Surgery: A Randomized Placebo-controlled Trial in Healthy Volunteers

Detpong Watit, Powcharoen Warit, Tachasuttirut Kathawut, Sansiri Rawisara, Chanthima Phuriphong, Koonyosying Pimpisid

A Computed Tomographic Image Study on Thickness of the Modified Infrazygomatic Crest Site Between Patients with Class I and Class III Skeletal Pattern

Damang Tonfon, Mahasantipiya Phattaranant, Suteerapongpun Piyadanai, Tripuwabhrut Kanich

Oral Self-screening Knowledge Dissemination Process for Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders in Sanpatong District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Saladyanant Thatsanee, Chatiketu Piyanart

In vitro Caries Inhibition in Enamel Adjacent to Ion-releasing Resin Composite

Kuphasuk Sorrawis , Kunawarote Sitthikorn

Ultrasonic Post-polymerization and Surface Treatments Increased the Flexural Strength of Denture Base Reline with Hard Lining Material

Arunwichit Tithiphorn, Wiwatwarrapan Chairat

Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Cockle Shell-derived Bioceramic Pulp Capping Material: A Pilot Study

Likhitpreeda Salinla, Santiwong Busayarat, Wasanapiarnpong Thanakorn, Linsuwanont Pairoj

Effect of Silane Coupling Agent on the Shear Bond Strength Between Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic and Composite Resin

Charoenbhakdee Samkwan, Lauvahutanon Sasipin, Sirimethawong Yosnarong, Jiangkongkho Pornpot