Chatiketu Piyanart

Department of Family and Community Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Factors and Conditions Related to Community Dentists’ Motivation for Involving in the Community Dentistry Practice Course: A Qualitative Study

Chaiprasitti Sasitorn, Wanichsaithong Pinpinut, Kanchanakamol Uthaiwan, Korwanich Kanyarat, Chatiketu Piyanart, Toungratanaphan Songvuth, Wiwatcunoopakarn Tidawan, Srisilapanan Patcharawan, Wiwatcunoopakarn Wichai, Chuengpattanawadee Atisak, Nirunsittirat Areerat

Thai Dentists’ Experience and Opinions on Dental Health Services for Insured Persons

Chatiketu Piyanart

Experience in Oral Health Prevention for Children 0-5 Years of Thai Dental Therapists

Maneemanorom Atchara, Chatiketu Piyanart, Theerapiboon Ubonwan

Oral Cancer Patients' Perspectives to Quality of Life: A Qualitative Study in the Context of Northern Thailand Medical and Cultural Systems

Saladyanant Thatsanee, Chitapanarux Imjai , Win Swe Swe , Chatiketu Piyanart

Associations Between Oral Health Literacy and Oral Health Status Among Patients Attending Comprehensive Dental Clinic

Chaisombat Monthalee, Kootrakul Boriboon , Wanichsaithong Pinpinut, Chatiketu Piyanart