Accepted articles will be fairly reviewed by the editors and experts with full transparency through the following process.

1. The articles must be correct according to academic principles and not duplicate works that have been previously published.

2. The articles will be considered and reviewed through a non-bias process by concealing the names of authors and related persons in the considered documents while also concealing the names of the experts and reviewers who review the articles (double-blind review).

3. The review process can be tracked online. The article authors can review the status of their article and are able to follow up on the article evaluation through the online process. The duration of each step is closely monitored so that the articles can be published on time.

4. Authors of articles are responsible to review and verify the accuracy of the text, images, tables in the articles before publication.

5. Articles published in Oral Sciences Reports are the copyright of Oral Sciences Reports, which forbids anyone from duplicating published articles for any purpose without explicit permission from Oral Sciences Reports.