Vol.43 No.1 January-April 2022

The Development of Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

Oransakunwong Sureeporn, Wasanapiarnpong Thanakorn, Santiwong Busayarat, Linsuwanont Pairoj

Efficacy of Preemptive Ibuprofen Combined with Paracetamol in Lower Third Molar Surgery: A Double-blind Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Vittayakittipong Pichai, Areewattana Thippapa

Microhardness and Cutting Resistance in Enamel of Primary Molars Among Various Caries Experience Groups In Vitro

Khositphanthawong Nawaporn, Sirimaharaj Varisara, Wanachantararak Sitthichai

The Collagen Fibers Analysis of the Odontogenic Cysts: A Study with Picrosirius Red Staining Under Polarizing Microscopy

Udompatanakorn Chatchaphan, Rungsiyanont Sorasun

Evaluation of Collagen Fibers in Hyperkeratosis and Different Types of Oral Epithelial Dysplasia by Using Picrosirius Red Staining

Juengsomjit Rachai, Meesakul Ounruean, Rungsiyanont Sorasun

Cytotoxicity of the Calcium Alginate/N,O-carboxymethylchitosan Hemostatic Sponge on Primary Human Gingival Fibroblasts

Mahatchariyapong Tanawat, Phaewpala Kaltimas, Kosorn Wasana, Kitrueangphatchara Kitwat, Sricholpech Marnisa

A Morphometric Study of the Root Concavity on the Extracted First Premolar in a Group of the Thai Population

La-orkhun Kunyamon, Lapanun Pineekan