Conflict of Interest Policies

Conflicts of interest in scientific research can arise when financial or personal interests influence the research findings or their interpretation. To ensure the integrity of the research published in the Oral Sciences Reports, authors MUST follow these policies regarding conflicts of interest:

  1. Authors must disclose any financial or personal relationships that may have influenced the research, including but not limited to employment, consulting, honoraria, stock ownership, or patents.
  2. Authors must disclose any funding sources that have supported the research and their role in the design, conduct, and reporting of the research.
  3. Authors must disclose any relationships with entities that have a vested interest in the research, such as pharmaceutical or medical device companies.
  4. The editorial board of Oral Sciences Reports will review disclosures of conflicts of interest and may ask authors to clarify or provide additional information as necessary.
  5. Oral Sciences Reports reserves the right to reject any article that contains conflicts of interest that are not properly disclosed or managed.
  6. If a potential conflict of interest is identified after publication, Oral Sciences Reports may issue a correction or retraction, depending on the severity and impact of the conflict.

These policies will ensure that authors submitting articles to Oral Sciences Reports adhere to ethical standards related to conflicts of interest in scientific research and contribute to the promotion of research integrity.