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Esthetic Implants How to think about complex cases in anterior areas with a global approach to the patient smile

The text is a collection of cases of implants in the anterior sector, the "aesthetic" one, in which every aspect of treatment is considered with a global approach. This means that the stages involving oral surgery, periodontology, implantology, orthodontics, prosthesis and prosthetic dentistry are described in the clinical case report. The workflow for each case is illustrated very clearly using predictable algorithms. At the beginning of each description of the clinical case, the relevant procedures used for that specific case are highlighted, so that the reader knows in advance the topics covered in that particular case: Correct 3D implant placement; Prosthetically guided bone regeneration; Preservation of socket / ridge; GBR horizontal and vertical; Connective tissue graft; Standard, delayed and immediate loading; Custom prosthetic emergence profile; Cemented retention; Screwedretained crowns; Adhesive prosthesis. Each procedure described in this book is closely related to an updated peer-reviewed international literature, no selfreferenced clinical steps are described.

Diego Lops


RK 521 L864E 2021

March 18, 2024