Editorial Policies

Scope and focus: Oral Sciences Reports will publish original research, review articles, case reports, and commentaries related to all aspects of dentistry and oral health. The journal will prioritize high-quality research that advances knowledge and practice in the field.

Editorial team: Oral Sciences Reports will have an editorial board consisting of experts in various fields related to dentistry and oral health. The editorial team will be responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of the published articles. They will also be responsible for the final decision on acceptance or rejection of manuscripts.

Peer review: All manuscripts submitted to Oral Sciences Reports will undergo a rigorous peer-review process by at least three independent reviewers. The reviewers will be chosen based on their expertise in the relevant field. The peer-review process will be double-blinded, and the identities of the reviewers and authors will be kept confidential.

Ethical considerations: Oral Sciences Reports will follow the guidelines set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Authors must ensure that their research is conducted ethically, and any potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed. Oral Sciences Reports will also take measures to prevent plagiarism and duplicate publication.

Open access: Oral Sciences Reports will be an open access journal, meaning that all articles will be freely available to readers without any subscription fees. Authors will be required to pay an article processing charge to cover the cost of publication.

Copyright: Oral Sciences Reports will retain the copyright of all articles published in the journal. However, authors will be allowed to share and reuse their work under certain conditions.

Corrections and retractions: Oral Sciences Reports will publish corrections and retractions when necessary to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the published record.