miniscrew implant

Effects of Stainless Steel Miniscrew Length on Primary Stability: An in vitro Study

Damang Tonfon, Tripuwabhrut Kanich, Jotikasthira Dhirawat

Effects of Pre-drilled Pilot-hole Diameters on Miniscrew Implant Primary Stability: An In vitro study

Phusantisampan Petchpailin, Jotikasthira Dhirawat, Jariyapongpaiboon Prajak, Tripuwabhrut Kanich

A Computed Tomographic Image Study on Thickness of the Modified Infrazygomatic Crest Site Between Patients with Class I and Class III Skeletal Pattern

Damang Tonfon, Mahasantipiya Phattaranant, Suteerapongpun Piyadanai, Tripuwabhrut Kanich