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Digital workflows in implant dentistry (ITI Treatment Guide, Vol. 11)

As the field of implant dentistry continues to grow in terms of number of practitioners as well as patient demand for quick, successful outcomes, this volume explores the digital dental technology (DDT) required to meet the need. The book begins by addressing the technology and tools necessary to incorporate DDT into a traditional workflow, along with the clinical steps required for data acquisition, such as CBCT imaging and intraoral, extraoral, and facial scanning. The software tools needed to interpret the digital data are presented, and instructions are given on how to integrate data sets to virtually reconstruct the patient s orofacial anatomy. In addition, a series of 13 clinical cases illustrate digital technologies applied to oral implantology. This volume will help clinicians access current implant-prosthodontic protocols and identify ways in which DDT can streamline workflows to achieve more predictable results. 855 illustrations. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Surface Scans 3. Facial Scanning 4. Software Packages 5. Merging Digital Datasets 6. Digital Workflows in Implant Prosthodontics 7. Computer-Guided Surgery 8. CAD/CAM Technology and Custom Bone Grafts 9. Digital Articulators 10. Fabrication Techniques and Materials 11. Complications and Technical Challenges 12. Future Developments and Challenges 13. Clinical Case Presentations: Implant-Supported Restorations Using Guided Surgery and CAD/CAM in a Digital Workflow 14. Technical and Clinical Recommendations 15. References

German Gallucci


RK 667.I45 G175D 2019

March 16, 2020